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Julia Roberts's Bikini Scene
Julia also had the opportunity to meet the inspiration behind her character, the real Joanne Herring.

"I met her in Morocco. I was wearing UGG boots and sweatpants, and I had my wig half off," Julia says. "She walked in. She was wearing fur and a huge necklace, and I wanted to say, 'It will be better when it's done!'"

In the '80s, Joanne was one of the wealthiest women in Texas and a Houston socialite. To capture Joanne's confidence and glamour, Julia donned a blond wig and painted her nails red. When Julia's daughter Hazel saw a photo of her in costume, Julia says she said, "Oh, look, cuckoo mommy!"

When Julia signed on to play Joanne, she knew she'd have to wear a bikini in one scene. What she didn't know was that she'd be four months pregnant at the time! "Danny and I told Mike and Diane Sawyer, Mike Nichols's wife," Julia says. "We told them because they're great friends, and we wanted to share our lovely news with them. I also kind of thought maybe if [Mike] knew, I could kind of get out of [that scene]."

When the time came to bare her tummy, Julia says she sucked it in and tried to get her robe on as quickly as she could!

"You look great!" Oprah says.
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Published on November 19, 2007


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