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After seven years of separation, Demi received news that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and doctors feared she wouldn't make it through the night. "We all flew to where she was in New Mexico," Demi says. "When we got down there, I realized that she had never met the two younger children. And the last [time] she had seen my oldest daughter is [when] she was 2 years old."

Virginia lived through the night and Demi decided she would care for Virginia until the end of her life. "It was a tremendous, tremendous gift. I don't know what gave me any kind of clarity to make that decision, but I am so grateful that I did because … I walked away having so much more of her than I would have had, had I not taken that time to be there," Demi says. "I went really not with an expectation of, 'I want her to apologize,' 'I want her to have some big clarity of where things went awry.' And what I got was this little glimpse. … She didn't even say, 'I'm sorry.' She said, 'I wish it could have been better.' And that was so much. … That really gave me such an enormous healing."
FROM: Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Vanessa Williams: A Mother's Day Special
Published on January 01, 2006


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