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For someone so committed to doing the best for her own children, Demi says her relationship with her mother, Virginia, was sometimes challenging. Demi says her mother had her when she was just 18. By the time Demi was 5, she started calling her mom Ginny. "My experience is that I was very much the mother to my mother."

Demi says her mother had undiagnosed bipolar disorder and struggled with addiction, and Demi left home at 16.

As Demi became famous, their relationship became more difficult and Demi eventually chose to completely cut off contact with her mother. "She made some choices that were, what I felt, potentially threatening to my children and the family that I had created," she says. "In the moment I felt as if it was the best thing that I could do, because it was setting myself up to have something unpredictable. Whether it was selling stories to the tabloids or things that I just felt I couldn't trust."
FROM: Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Vanessa Williams: A Mother's Day Special
Published on January 01, 2006


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