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In another Oscar®-nominated role this year, Meryl Streep gives a searing performance as a tough-as-nails nun. In Doubt, Meryl's character is hell-bent on taking down a priest whom she believes is molesting one of her students.

To help her in the role, Meryl says she used advice from a mentor, Sister Peggy. "She was actually [director] John Patrick Shanley's first-grade teacher," she says. "She was an inspiration and made me understand a lot about being in the club of sisters."

What Meryl doesn't know is that Oprah was hoping to join the cast of Doubt as the character Mrs. Miller. Oprah tells Meryl she wanted the role for two reasons. "The first was just so that I would be able to have a scene with you in my lifetime," she says. The second reason, Oprah says, was to be able to deliver Mrs. Miller's line, "Only till June."

Oprah says she was turned down—the part was given to actress Viola Davis—but she thinks director John Patrick Shanley made the right decision. "She did such an outstanding job, I'm hoping that she'll be nominated for a Best Supporting Actress [Oscar]."
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Published on January 13, 2009