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In The Reader, Kate shares sexually explicit love scenes with co-star David Kross. "I always have nerves surrounding scenes like that. ... But I had to ultimately get my nerves gone. With any scene like that, nerves and fear can really get in the way," she says.

Kate also felt a responsibility to protect David, who was only 18 when the scenes were shot. "He's never done scenes of that nature before, and I have been in that position," she says. "The anticipation of a scene like that is far worse than the reality."

Oprah says what she appreciated most about the love scenes is that Kate looked like a real woman. "I love that you have real breasts! In all the breast scenes, your breasts do what real breasts do," she says. "You're lying on your back, your breasts go apart. But if you look at women with not-real breasts, their breasts are sticking up—that's how you know. God bless your real breasts!"
FROM: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Movies Oprah Loves
Published on January 13, 2009


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