Holiday Magic
Meet the men of Il Divo: David, Carlos, Sebastien and Urs.
In just two years, Il Divo—an operatic supergroup—has conquered the international music scene. American Idol's toughest critic, Simon Cowell, discovered these four vocalists in four different countries, brought them together, and struck music gold! Currently, Il Divo has sold more than 13 million albums worldwide.

Il Divo is made up of (from left to right): David, an all-American opera singer; Carlos, a Spanish opera star; Sebastien, a singer/songwriter from France; and Urs, a rocker from Switzerland. Although they sing like they've known each other for years, they actually met for the first time just two and a half years ago. Now, Sebastien says he and his bandmates are like family. "We're like cousins now…[or] brothers."

Il Divo's first album, Il Divo, broke records around the world. Now, they're hoping for the same success with their new album, Siempre.