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All 15 families moving into Perry Place are from New Orleans. For people like Delores and her teenage daughter, Brittney, a new home means a Christmas tree and not having to share a two-bathroom home with 34 people.

Sherman and Florence, a couple about the same age as Tyler's parents, say they are eager to be on their own once again. "I told Sherman, my husband, I said, 'Babe, we going to finally get back to normal,'" Florence says.

Keanna and her three sons rode the storm out in New Orleans and have lived in three states since Hurricane Katrina hit. She says having a home again "feels like God's favor."

Tyler was especially touched that Clarence (above), the father of two little boys, will be moving into a home. Clarence works full-time while studying to become a college math professor. "Watching you with your children and watching you today, you speak to the possibility of so many fathers who are, should be taking care of their kids," Tyler says. "I absolutely applaud that."
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Published on December 06, 2006


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