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Denzel and his wife, Pauletta, have been married 23 years and have four children, John David, Katia, Olivia and Malcolm.

While he says he is a coach to his children, Pauletta is the real mentor. "My wife does the hard work. I'm on the road a lot. I kill the meat and bring it home," Denzel says. "She is everything in terms of their success."

Denzel and Pauletta's oldest son, John David, recently graduated from Morehouse College and is now a running back for the St. Louis Rams. John David taped a video message for his own personal mentor—his dad.

"When you get my father, you're going to get all of him. You don't get half, you don't get the fake, you get him," John David says. "He has that voice. I mean, he's real, he gets to you. He can motivate, he can bring that best out of you—that part you didn't know you had in you. Because of my dad, I want to be the best in what I do. He was tough—a tough dad—but as I've gotten older, he's kind of talking to me man to man. It's a great relationship. I feel like I can go to him about anything.

"He's my agent, my coach, my running back assistant, my eyes, my ears—I mean whatever, everything, all of that. He's on top of it. He just seems to always just have this tough perseverance, this power. I just admire his strength and his belief—I admire that the most. He's a true believer in God. He doesn't talk it, he walks it and he believes."
FROM: Denzel Washington
Published on October 31, 2006


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