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Colette's offense: Reckless endangerment. Her ill-fitting bra is only making her post-baby sag even worse. Colette was wearing a poor-fitting strapless bra that smashed her boobs flat and elongated them like bananas. And her shorts only accentuated her thighs and saddlebags, making her look wider than she is. But Trinny and Susannah loved the fit of Colette's jacket.

Colette had been wearing a size 36B bra and now she knows she's a 34DD. And with the right size bra and straps, she doesn't have to keep tugging at her bra to keep it in place.

"Everything with Colette was just going south," Trinny says. So the first thing the makeover team did was give Colette fabulous hair and a fresh new makeup to draw attention to her beautiful face. Then, they replaced her tight shorts with a skirt that skimmed her thighs. "The skirt shows off your fabulous legs and it just gives you an hourglass figure," Trinny tells Colette. "You look wonderful."
FROM: Oprah's Bra and Swimsuit Intervention
Published on May 20, 2005


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