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Margie thinks images on television and in magazines influence her young daughter's obsession with beauty. She also admits that Jordyn may have learned some behavior from her. "I get ready for work...I look a certain way," she says. "I think she watches me every day, and she's really trying to be just like Mom."

Margie doesn't understand why Jordyn looks at her reflection and hates what she sees. "She just looks in the mirror and says, 'I am not pretty,'" Margie says. "At those times, I actually feel like I have failed her ... I'm scared of where my daughter will end up in 10 years."

Although Margie assures her daughter that she's a beautiful little girl, Jordyn becomes inconsolable when she feels ugly. At times, Margie is at a loss for words. "I just want to know how to help her and make her feel special and loving," Margie says. "I don't know how to respond to 'I don't look beautiful. I hate me.' ... I'm at the end of my own self-esteem as a mother."
FROM: The 3-Year-Old Obsessed with Her Looks
Published on April 24, 2006


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