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When Orlando Bloom hits the red carpet, the crowd goes crazy. With a string of blockbuster movies—Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Troy, Orlando's fans have plenty to cheer about. In the film, Elizabethtown, he takes on his first role as a leading man in a romantic comedy. Orlando plays a young man who undergoes a major life transformation when he goes home to bury his father and unexpectedly falls in love with a quirky flight attendant played by Kirsten Dunst.

"It's a movie about a guy," Orlando says, "who loses everything—and in losing everything, he realizes that what life is about is much more than the momentary happiness you get from career success [and] financial success. What life is really about is about family, friends and love."

Orlando credits his family with developing his sensitive side, especially when it comes to his relationships with women. "I had two very strong women bring me up," Orlando says, "my mother and my sister, really. My dad … wasn't living under the same roof, so I had two really strong women kind of show me the ropes in terms of life—and how they were kind of treated by men and how they survived and got through life."
FROM: Sarah Jessica Parker, Orlando Bloom and Matthew Fox
Published on October 05, 2005


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