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Sarah Jessica's 40th started off with a big bash husband Matthew Broderick threw for her at New York's Plaza Hotel. But now Sarah Jessica's noticing little reminders of her age: "I ran down the street the other day," says Sarah Jessica. "It's fine. I've run in heels for seven years—you've all seen me do it—and I woke in absolute pain. I tore a tendon and I didn't even know it!"

But it's the changes on the inside that Sarah Jessica says she notices the most. "I really think that the substantial things really reveal themselves much more clearly now," she says. "Really what is important to me … is my family and my friends. And my family and my friends are the family that I choose."

You could call Sarah Jessica and Oprah sole mates—they share the same passion for shoes. And what girl wouldn't appreciate a navy blue heel or a pretty pink pair like these that Sarah Jessica found for Oprah at Nordstroms?
FROM: Sarah Jessica Parker, Orlando Bloom and Matthew Fox
Published on October 05, 2005


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