Blast from the Past
Fannie is crowned princess for a day.
They're the faces you remember and the stories you'll never forget. We're catching up with some of our most memorable guests to see where they are now.

In February 2003, Oprah donned a crown and scepter to bestow a very important honor—Princess for a Day—on some very deserving people. One of the women who received the royal treatment was Fannie, who was nominated by the woman she worked for as a housekeeper and nanny.

After the death of her younger sister, Fannie raised her two nieces and nephew as if they were her own. "My aunt has never given up on me. No matter how desperate the situation seemed, she never let me go," said her nephew, Lloyd.

Fannie lived to give and sometimes went without for herself. She drove an old van with no air-conditioning.

Oprah decided to give Fannie a royal break—Merry Maids service for a year and an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City. She also got a new set of wheels—a van with air conditioning!