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Oprah Show correspondent Lisa Ling's April 2008 investigation about puppy mills got the largest response of any show this season. "I knew it would because we love our dogs," Oprah says. "Thanks to everybody who went to their local shelters to adopt a new pet."

The response was inspiring. Shelters reported being inundated with prospective owners eager to adopt and donate. The day after the show aired, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida, broke all of its records with 32 total adoptions.

The Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control Center in Indiana also broke records. The day after the program, the center received 131 visitors and handled 19 adoptions in only four hours.

The day the show aired, the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine, was deluged with visitors looking for a dog. "What I heard was that they didn't know how bad puppy mills were," a volunteer says. "They wanted to rescue these dogs."

The Oprah Show also heard from pet store owners who say they do not go to puppy mills for their puppies. One said he'd even experienced some violence at his store. Do your research and ask your local pet store owners where their puppies come from. Responsible owners should be happy to address your concerns, and remember, violence is never the answer.
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Published on June 03, 2008