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Another Oprah Show that got people talking featured 34-year-old Thomas and his wife of five years, Nancy. This Oregon couple came on the show to discuss the upcoming birth of their first child. So why did they make headlines around the world?

The husband, Thomas, is the one who's pregnant. Thomas was born female and lived for 24 years as a woman named Tracy. After agonizing for decades over her identity, Tracy became a man.

For the past two years, Thomas and Nancy have been trying to have a child. Nancy, the mother of two daughters from a previous marriage, says the effects of endometriosis left her unable to have more children. After investigating their options, the couple decided Thomas would be the one to carry their child. In October 2007, they used an anonymous donor sperm to conceive their first baby, a little girl.

In this day and age, Thomas said different is normal. "Love makes a family," he said. "And that's all that matters."
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Published on June 03, 2008


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