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Before soaring to the top of the charts, country star Faith Hill was a small-town girl from Mississippi—much like Oprah! She began her singing career in a tiny town appropriately named Star, and it didn't take long for people to notice her star quality.

Faith first showcased her booming vocals in church—even before she was old enough to read the hymns. "I grew up singing in church, and that's where I spent most of my time," Faith says. "I had dreams of being on stage ... I would stand on the front row of the pew and have my hymnal upside down...hallelujah singing as loud as I could."

At just 19, Faith left her hometown and headed to Nashville to pursue a musical career. Before long, her debut single, "Wild One," rocketed to number one on the country charts.

Faith's date with destiny really heated up when country king, Tim McGraw, asked her to open for his Spontaneous Combustion tour. The minute wheels started rolling, sparks flew, and the couple got married that year.

She and Tim started a family, and then her career really took off. Hits like "This Kiss" and "Breathe" took her from country star to superstar!
FROM: How Faith Hill Changed One Woman's Life Forever
Published on October 03, 2005


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