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Early one morning, 11-year-old Schneider and his mother rushed out of their home in Queens, New York, to a relative's house. Schneider arrived just in time to witness his aunt giving birth. "I was walking down the stairs and then she started screaming. I ran to see and I saw the baby coming out," Schneider says.

Although his mother was frozen in a state of shock, Schneider rushed into action and caught the baby before it fell to the floor. Using the skills he learned in his sixth-grade pre-nursing class at Intermediate School 109 in Queens, he diagnosed his newborn cousin's condition. "I saw that his face was red and it means that it had good blood flow. Then it started crying so I knew that it had good lungs," Schneider says.

After his uncle brought a pair of scissors, Schneider cut and tied the umbilical cord. The family then called for an ambulance.

"Because I helped bring him into the world, I feel that I have a special connection to him," the possible future Dr. Schneider says. "I think one day he'll be just like me and maybe follow in my footsteps in becoming a doctor."
FROM: Good News!
Published on January 26, 2007