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Mariela's Uncle Mario and Aunt Vanda gave their challenge money to a single mother named Monique, who had three children and two jobs. She had just been at the hospital and used the money to fix her car and buy her children holiday gifts. "[Mario and Vanda] were actually my guardian angel," Monique says.

The holiday cheer didn't stop there. Mike and Andrea surprised an unsuspecting shopper and paid for her entire cart of gifts—a total of $200. The shopper, Debbie, was so moved by their random act of kindness, she also decided to "pay it forward." She visited a local utilities office and paid $100 toward two hardship accounts. "The whole thing felt just so, so incredible," Debbie says.

Mariela and Keith say they never imagined giving $20,000 away could feel so good. "It's the biggest joy to us. Not just to give to people and affect their lives, but we gave our friends that joy, too," Mariela says.

Find more stories of the good that came from Keith and Mariela's challenge at TheGivingChallenge.com.
FROM: Good News!
Published on January 26, 2007


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