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This year royalty rules! Three-time nominee Dame Helen Mirren took home her first Oscar® for portraying England's Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen. But Helen says she wasn't thinking about winning awards while playing the part. "Not in a million years. I mean, you never do a role thinking, 'Oh, this is the one. This is going to get me the prizes.' You never think that," she says.

After being nominated two times before, Helen says she had to accept that there was a chance her name wouldn't be called—and then came the "absolutely indescribable moment."

"I was thinking, 'Here it comes, here it comes. Oh my God, here it comes.' And I had my earring in my hand because it was hurting me so much, so I was looking down at my earring going, 'Oh my God, here it comes. What's happening?'" she says. "And then [I heard] my name. And then you go, 'Oh my God. ... That was my name. Was it? Yes it was.'"
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Published on January 01, 2006


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