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"By and large, the future is in your hands," Dr. Oppenheimer says. "Global warming doesn't have to get out of control."

The so-called little things—such as everyone switching just five of their lightbulbs to the more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs—can add up very quickly. If this happened, "We could get half a billion tons of pollution per year out of the atmosphere," Dr. Oppenheimer says, "That's how big a difference that a small thing can make."

Read about the other differences we can make that can dramatically slow global warming.

Besides the changes you make in your own life, it's also important that you tell your politicians that the environment is a topic you care about. "Send a message to Congress and our political leaders that we want to endorse these new technologies like solar and wind power, and we want to make the transition to the future," Leonardo says. "We don't want to be reliant on these ancient resources like coal and oil to power our civilization anymore. We want some drastic changes."

One way to make your voice heard, Leonardo says, is by joining a "virtual march" on Washington. Go to www.stopglobalwarming.org for more details.
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Published on October 27, 2005


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