In Decision Points, former President George W. Bush recalls critical decisions he made throughout his presidency and personal life.

Scroll through to see some of the major events that defined President Bush's life.

More of President Bush's most difficult decisions.

George W. Bush  Katrina Aftermath
President Bush received harsh criticism about the way he handled Hurricane Katrina. Why he says you can disagree with his decisions...but don't call him a racist. Watch now

September 11  September 11
After learning about the 9/11 attacks, the world watched as President Bush did not immediately act. What was he thinking, and why did he wait? The infamous 7 minutes

Laura Bush  Laura Bush
President Bush says marrying Laura was one of the defining moments of his life. The former first lady talks about growing up in Texas, September 11 and a fatal accident that changed her life. Laura Bush speaks from the heart
FROM: Former President George Bush on His Most Difficult Decisions
Published on November 09, 2010


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