Do You Want Fried with That?
The State Fair of Texas could be the fried food capital of the world. Take a look at some of the finalists for the coveted Big Tex Choice awards.
Fletcher's corny dog
Fletcher's Corny Dog
Fletcher's has been serving up its signature corny dogs since 1942. Brothers Skip and Bill run the family business, which sells half a million corny dogs during the state fair's 24-day run. What makes the dogs so delish? "They're cooked fresh, never frozen," Skip says. "Cooked right in front of your eyeballs and coming out piping hot with a little mustard on it. There's nothing better." Skip's also the corny dog tester, and he says he eats three or four dogs a day. That's 72 corny dogs in less than a month!

"This is fabulous," Oprah says. "Yeehaaaw."