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Nate's Favorite Hotel
When designer Nate Berkus heard Oprah was doing a "best of" show, he packed his bags and headed straight to New York City and his favorite hotel—The Soho Grand. As a savvy world traveler, Nate has stayed in hotel rooms all over the globe, so what makes this spot so special? "This place just makes me happy to be here. And my favorite thing about it, it feels like a part of Manhattan."

Nate's favorite room is the penthouse suite—of course! "I actually call this place the Beyoncé suite because the first time I ever walked in here I was like, 'This place is fit for Beyoncé!" With a huge terrace overlooking Manhattan and a design aesthetic even Nate loves, the Soho Grand is a little piece of paradise.

Tour New York's famous Soho Grand with Nate!

"The architecture here is absolutely fantastic. This hotel actually has a fantastic bar as well that's outside called, 'The Yard,'" says Nate. "It's one of the only places in Manhattan where you can actually play in the grass."

What if you are traveling with your pet pooch? No problem! The Soho Grand caters to furry friends too. "Dogs at the Soho Grand are treated just like us!," Nate says.
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Published on November 01, 2006