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This fall, Oprah and some big stars were on a mission …to get people to register to vote! Cynthia, a woman in the audience who had never voted, was quite cynical about the voting process. Cynthia had said, "I would never fight for the right to vote." That is, until that underscored the importance of citizenship, especially to historically disenfranchised groups like African-Americans and women.

After appearing on the show and hearing the moving story, Cynthia says she felt embarrassed by her past inaction. Not only did she finally register to vote, she also spent time hitting the streets near Houston urging others to vote as well.

Now, on the day after the historic election of 2004 in which 15 million more people voted than did in the last election, Oprah invited several women who voted for the first time ever into her office to talk about this amazing day. And Cynthia's back! We accompanied her to the polls where she voted for the first time. Cynthia says voting was a great experience. "I was like, wow, it's a new day," she says. "My vote does count. It was a wonderful feeling. I didn't know that was what I was missing."
FROM: The Follow-Up Show: Fall 2004
Published on November 03, 2004


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