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This fall, John Travolta and the stars of Ladder 49 surprised a few real-life heroes on the show.

When their comrade, Dino Mahaffey, was trapped in a blaze, firefighters Kenny Ward and Phil Bird rushed in to save him. To honor their valor, John invited Kenny and Phil to come to The Oprah Show as his guests. But, surprise! What Phil and Kenny didn't know was that Dino was here to award them with the Medal of Valor.

When Dino came out to honor his friends, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. "You know, you get emotional on television. You try not to go into the 'ugly cry.' But we had all gone into the 'ugly cry.' So, there we all are: John's nose is running; the firefighters' noses are running; I'm trying to cry up to save the mascara. It was a moving moment," says Oprah.

Then, to top it all off, John flew Kenny, Phil and Dino, and their wives, to Los Angeles for the premiere of Ladder 49 and the swanky parties that followed.
FROM: The Follow-Up Show: Fall 2004
Published on November 03, 2004


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