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When the girls and their parents found out the neighbor they trusted was a child molester, Amanda's mother, Kelly, says she was in total shock. "I remember just dropping to the floor on my knees," she says. Although Amanda was also in disbelief at first, she says her emotions soon turned to anger. "I was just angry at the world, depressed and in total disarray."

When Jasmine learned about the videos, she says she broke down and feared her sisters could be on the tapes as well. "I didn't know how to handle anything anymore," she says. "I didn't think this could actually happen, because they told us throughout the years, 'Watch out for people like this.' It never occurred to me that he could have done something like that."

Ally's father, Tom, says he never would have suspected the man who sat next to him at his daughter's basketball games, volleyball games and other school functions could be a child molester. When Pompa went on trial, Tom says he went to court every day. "I told my daughter, Alice, that I was going to be there and would sit there in that courtroom and make sure that he didn't hurt anybody anymore," he says. "But these girls are so strong, they sat in that courtroom and they looked him right in the eye and stared him down. They got their power back."
FROM: Internet Predators: How Bad Is It?
Published on September 15, 2008


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