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After he returned home to North Carolina, Emmanuel and Veronica spent countless hours talking on the phone. He was ready to propose. Following tradition, he called Veronica's father in Sudan and asked him for her hand in marriage. In return, her father asked for 68 cows as a dowry, which translates to roughly $12,000 in American money. "How am I going to find $12,000?" Emmanuel asked.

When word of Emmanuel's plight spread, two of his friends, Cece and Kristin, came through. Wearing "Got Cattle?" T-shirts, they organized a fundraising walk for true love.

The "Got Cattle?" fundraiser actually raised $15,000, and Emmanuel and Veronica were married in July 2006 in Canada. Emmanuel and Veronica have big news they want to share. Although they are still waiting for immigration permission so they can set up a home together, Veronica is pregnant!

And that's not the only surprise. The Oprah Show arranged for a visa to let Veronica visit Emmanuel in America for Valentine's Day.
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Published on February 14, 2007


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