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Exactly one year after that life-changing first kiss, Courtney and Angela married. Because they knew the relationship was special, they decided to abstain from sex until marriage. After spending their wedding night together, Angela left the next day to film How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

The couple says their marriage is strong because they keep "God in the middle." Angela even had "GOD" inscribed on her wedding band between her and Courtney's initials. "I can only rely on his strength," Angela says. "I'll attempt to see [Courtney] even in those moments that aren't perfect, perhaps in a small way, the way God sees him."

Despite their busy Hollywood careers, Courtney and Angela also work to keep the ego that often accompanies being in the business out of their marriage. "I'm proud of the accolades that he receives," Angela says. "And that is something we had to navigate early."

Courtney says he used to let worries about their careers take over. "I had to acknowledge that she's first," Courtney says. "We've got to decide what we want first and then that calmed me down."
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Published on February 14, 2007