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Days after she was born, doctors discovered that Carrie had Down syndrome, a birth defect caused by an extra chromosome. People with Down syndrome typically have some mental and physical disabilities and congenital heart defects.

Carrie's parents did everything to give her a normal life, but deep inside, Carrie says she felt something was missing. "I was very lonely because I didn't have anyone," Carrie says. That changed when she met Sujeet, a talented musician who also has Down syndrome. It was love at first sight for both Carrie and Sujeet.

To their parents' surprise, Sujeet asked for Carrie's hand in marriage after six months of dating. "I thought very hard that I wanted to propose and it was a very touching moment," Sujeet says. "I burst out in tears."

Did Carrie cry, too? "Yes…and hyperventilated," she says.

At first, their parents were skeptical, but were willing to consider what it took to make their children happy. "When Carrie was born, we never dreamed that marriage was in the future," Carrie's mother, Peggy, says. "But Carrie has always looked ahead. When she met Sujeet, we could see the love that they had and we knew that they deserved that companionship and relationship."
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Published on February 14, 2007