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Rick's rock star lifestyle has taken him all over the world, but he'd been traveling long before he started touring with his band. As a kid growing up with a father in the military, Rick says he was accustomed to moving around. "I was two years at every school, you know, and traveled everywhere, went to England when I was a kid and discovered music and girls," he says. "I've always been a traveling guy."

Although he says he's had an amazing life, Rick says he found true happiness in an unexpected place. "I think I just reached the end of my rope and was walking around and just really miserable, walking around the pool and looking at this big house and married to a beautiful woman and going, 'This isn't it. I thought this would be it,'" Rick says. At that moment, he says he found out what it was—family. "I had a great family. I get choked up talking about my family," he says. "I love my family with a passion, and that's what held me together as a kid."
FROM: Rocker Rick Springfield, TV Legends Henry Winkler and William Shatner
Published on February 26, 2008