Families in Crisis
Desiree and Thomas
Desiree and Thomas have been married for four years, have an 18-month-old daughter and are expecting twins. Desiree has brought Thomas to the show to set herself free—she's been depressed and sleepless over what she's about to reveal to her husband. She's afraid it could destroy her marriage.

Thomas believes that they're financially doing pretty well for their family, and that they're living the "American dream" with a nice house, nice cars and what he believes to be stability. He's aware they have some debt. But he thinks it's about $40,000 worth of debt—what he feels is an amount he and Desiree won't have too many problems tackling. "Financially, I think we're very stable," Thomas says. "I think we're going in the right direction. We started a good foundation for our family, and hopefully things will work out in the future."

Thomas says that Desiree keeps track of all their finances, as he believes she is better with attention to detail. Desiree, however, knows the real amount of debt they are in because of her bills and personal spending. Hear her confession.