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Desiree says with her student loans and interest on her ever-growing credit card balances, the couple faces a whopping $160,000 in debt.

"I just want to first apologize," Desiree says. "I know you feel betrayed, and like you can't trust me. And I'm sorry. But I want you to know that telling you this will help me be the person that I need to be for you—the wife, the friend, the mother. Releasing this will help me be the person that I need to be."

"I was not aware that the debt was that enormous," Thomas says. "That's like a bowling ball being thrown at you a hundred miles an hour. … I have so many emotions. Hurt. Anger. That's a lot of money. … I have no problem taking care of my responsibility and my home financially. But to have that hanging over my head, that's a lot. And taking care of twins and a baby is no problem financially for me. But I don't even know where to begin to help."
FROM: Total Money Makeovers
Published on September 13, 2005


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