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As Shawn adjusts back into his family life, he says he isn't really comfortable being on camera. He agreed to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the hope that his story could provide a sense of hope for other families with missing children.

After being away from his loved ones for so long, Shawn says that being reunited with his family brought him an instant sense of comfort. "It's great to be back home, seeing familiar faces, new ones. It's just been great for all of us," Shawn says. He says that the first time he saw his parents after he was found "was surprising." "They've changed, but I could recognize them in 20 more years instantly," Shawn says.

When Shawn returned home, he found that his mother had kept his bedroom exactly as it had been when he went missing—down to his clothes in the drawers. While some things stayed the same, most everything else was changed dramatically. One of Shawn's sisters got married and his baby nephew grew into a toddler.
FROM: Exclusive: Miracle in Missouri
Published on January 18, 2007


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