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Media stations have reported that Shawn may have been allotted a certain number of freedoms during his alleged abduction—including Internet and phone access—which raised questions about why he didn't try to escape. Pam says she believes Shawn must have felt threatened in some way. "I honestly and truly in my heart feel that in some way or another he had to have felt either he was going to be threatened or his sisters or myself or his dad. I honestly believe if the alleged person would have said, 'You can leave at any time. There will be no recourse,' everything would be fine and Shawn would have come home in a heartbeat," she says.

When Oprah asked Shawn privately why he never called his parents, Shawn said he was "terrified."

While Shawn remains quiet about a lot of specifics, he does admit that during his alleged kidnapping he spent his days sleeping, watching TV and playing video games. He also played with friends. When questioned about his family, Shawn says he told people a made-up story concocted by his alleged kidnapper. Though Shawn does not elaborate on the story, he did admit that he told people he was home schooled, even though he didn't go the entire four years.
FROM: Exclusive: Miracle in Missouri
Published on January 18, 2007


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