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For four long years, Pam and Craig continued the search for Shawn. They even started a website in the hope someone may have information leading to his return. "We've always believed that there was absolutely hope that he was out there and that we would find him. That's what got us up every day," Craig says.

"I couldn't give up hope on him, and I knew the Lord knew where he was at, and if He wanted him brought back to me, that's the way it was going to happen," Pam says.

On January 12, 2007, after suffering through years of uncertainty and persistent searching, Pam and Craig got a phone call that finally put an end to their nightmare. Craig and Pam were driving when the prosecuting attorney called with news about their son. But, before the attorney would tell them what was happening, he asked that Craig and Pam pull over to the side of the road. "It was like, 'OK, why is he having us pull over?' You know, what news does he have for us that we have to pull over for?" Pam says. Fearful she was about to be told her son was dead, Pam braced herself for the news, then heard the unbelievable. "I heard Craig say, 'He's alive.'"
FROM: Exclusive: Miracle in Missouri
Published on January 18, 2007


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