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Phil Keoghan, the author of the book No Opportunity Wasted and the host of the television show of the same name, helps people face their fears and live out their lifelong wishes with $3,000 and 3 days to fulfill their dream.

Once a person is chosen and the show has handled the logistics of leaving for three days, the rest is up to the individuals. "They do everything for themselves," Phil says. "They find the people. They get the opportunity all for themselves."

One of those people Phil has helped on No Opportunity Wasted was Jae Jae Russo, a small-town DJ with a big-time dream: She wanted to be a DJ on New York's Z100, one of the top radio stations in the country. Jae Jae had 72 hours to convince the top brass at Z100 that she's got what it takes to be on the air. The station agreed to give Jae Jae a chance, but only if she passed a number of difficult tests. The first was to book a big-time celebrity interview...in just 30 minutes! Next, Jae Jae's radio voice was heavily scrutinized. After two days of intense professional scrutiny, Jae Jae was emotionally and physically drained.

Then, without warning, Jae Jae faced the final-decision station managers at Z100. Would she fulfill her dream and get on the air?
FROM: Once in a Lifetime Dares
Published on September 08, 2005


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