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Upon arriving at his assignment, Todd is introduced to a panel of experts from across the fashion world. The judges ask Todd to describe his "look." Unprepared, Todd answers: "I don't know how to describe my look, but I'd say 'catalog boy.'"

Next, Todd and the real models hit the catwalk. To Mark and Spencer's delight, Todd seems confident when strutting down the runway, and in the end he even manages to fool the judges! Todd admits that the experience taught him a few life lessons. "You learn a lot about yourself with things like that. ... That when you're down you're not out. You know, win or lose, you've still got to finish."

"The thing about male modeling is it's just completely superficial," says Spencer. "Like in my situation with Todd, the truth is I wasn't asking Todd to change at all the person who he is. All I had to do was change him physically to look like a male model."
FROM: Once in a Lifetime Dares
Published on September 08, 2005


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