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Metalworker Todd Farrand usually spends his days in a greasy junkyard. But Todd is about to trade in his tools for the catwalks of high fashion—he's about to fake it as a male model in L.A. "My idea of a lot of male models is that they're pampered and lazy," says Todd. "I've seen male models that I'm better looking than."

Supermodel Mark Fisher escorts Todd to Beverly Hills where modeling agent Spencer Salley is waiting. Spencer is shocked when he sees Todd. "Are you kidding me? What is this, the Beverly Hillbillies or something? It's like Jethro Bodine with red hair."Todd quickly learns that the modeling business is tough. With criticisms flying at him left and right—too old, too fat, too scraggly, too dirty—he admits it feels personal. "I'm having a lot of second thoughts right now. In fact, I'm actually freaking out but I'm trying not to show it."

Without wasting any time, Mark and Spencer get the transformation started. Todd's beard is history! Next it's cut, color and clothes. Despite his makeover, Todd's first photo shoot is a disappointment. According to Spencer, Todd looks stiff in his photos, and his 6'3," 200-pound frame is just too big for modeling.

After four weeks of grueling workouts (he loses 30 pounds) and intense coaching, Todd is ready for his big challenge—modeling at the Miss Sixty denim fashion show alongside professional male models!
FROM: Once in a Lifetime Dares
Published on September 08, 2005


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