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Despite her success with the paparazzi, Grace has another challenge. She must fit in at a high society luncheon. After weeks of lessons in table manners and making conversation, Grace begins to have a problem with the idea of becoming a socialite.

"I can't just pretend to be someone that's sitting around not doing anything," says Grace. "I have to have something that I'm doing in life. I guess that's what I'm desperately trying to find."

Finally the day has arrived! Grace is off for her final challenge. Two hours into the luncheon Grace seems to be doing well. Then, the conversation turns to art. When asked who her favorite artist is, Grace, to Fabian and Catherine's horror, responds, "I've been influenced by the Sistine Chapel."

In the end, the judges weren't fooled. Only one of three judges thought Grace belonged at the luncheon. Still, Grace says the opportunity has taught her some valuable lessons. "I learned that I'm a confident person, and I learned that I'm a strong person and that in difficult situations, if I put the effort into it, I can really conquer it."
FROM: Once in a Lifetime Dares
Published on September 08, 2005


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