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Of course, this was an interesting experience for Dave's hosts as well.

Shamael says that he found it difficult when he informed Dave of the rules preventing unmarried men and women from being alone together. "As a host, we should be welcoming and we should be inviting— it doesn't matter who it is," explains Shamael. "But with the religious and cultural upbringing we have, we felt it was the appropriate thing to tell him. 'Okay, the man has to go or the woman has to go.' Men and women just don't stay together in one room alone."

In another eye-opening experience, Shamael recounts a conversation he had with Dave. "I asked him a question. I said, 'Name five Muslims that you know,'" Shamael says. "He told me, 'Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein...' And I'm, like, 'Oh, my God: We're all terrorists.' And I said, 'What about Muhammad Ali? What about Hakeem Olajiwan? What about these more prominent Muslim figures in America?' And I realized, at that point, Muslims need to do a better job about explaining their faith, about being better American citizens, about taking the lead in addressing different social issues and whatnot."

See how others have confronted their fears and lived life to the fullest.

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Published on September 08, 2005