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A short time ago, Lillian was set to be a guest on our show Moms Who Drink Too Much. However, after our pre-show interviews, Lillian wanted out. She cancelled her appearance and refused permission for us to air her interview. "I was crazily overwhelmed, in denial, obviously ashamed of myself," says Denise. "I was just paralyzed in fear…of what people would think."

Since then, Lillian has had a change of heart. "Not going on the show and not wanting that tape to be aired, that was one of the lowest points. I had to really face that demon. Check myself to say, 'Do you have a problem?'"

Lillian says that with the support of her husband—who has been in alcoholism recovery for more than 20 years—she made a conscious decision to stop drinking. "I think, for me, what works for me is just being honest and opening up with my close circle of family and friends and just admitting that this was an issue or problem that I had. I am facing it. Dealing with it. Proud of myself. You know, I'm no longer ashamed and that's a huge thing to recognize."
FROM: Can This Suburban Mom Stop Drinking?
Published on October 07, 2004


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