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Although Denise crashed into one car, she set off of a chain reaction in the line of cars in front of her—including Jacob (right), who was driving with his one-year-old son, and ending with David (left), who was driving nine passengers on his bus. Denise took the opportunity to apologize to Jacob. "I think about you every day. And I think about what could have happened. How someone could have died and how I was spared that. I just want you to know, honestly, that if it wasn't for this crash or this DUI, I would still be drinking. That's how far in denial I was. And I am so sorry. And I hope you forgive me for what I did to you and your baby in the car."

"I definitely would accept the apology," says Jacob. "But, if something would have happened to my son, I don't know how I would have felt. I can't imagine how people have felt who have lost people, or lost loved ones in accidents like that."

Five days after the accident, Denise admitted herself into an intensive outreach program to stop drinking. "To know that I inflicted pain on people is the worst thing that I have ever done in my whole entire life," says Denise. "I live it and remember it every day. And it helps me remain sober."
FROM: Can This Suburban Mom Stop Drinking?
Published on October 07, 2004


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