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Late one night Denise logged onto Oprah.com to share her personal story about drinking. When one of our producers called her, Denise downplayed her drinking. "I said that I was drinking two glasses of wine a night," recalls Denise. "But, in actuality, I was living a lie. I would be drinking five to six bottles of beer during the day, and then as soon as my husband would come home at five, I would switch to wine."

Denise's lies caught up to her one fateful afternoon. Although she had already drank five beers, Denise decided to drive her five-year-old son to the pediatrician. On her way home—drunk, tired and distracted by her son, who wanted a present for being brave at the doctor's—Denise crashed. A total of 15 people were involved in the accident, including a city bus. Still in denial that she was even buzzed, Denise argued with the police officers. In the end, Denise failed a field sobriety test and was arrested in front of her sobbing son. "Being handcuffed in front of my son is disgraceful," says Denise. "I was supposed to protect him and there was no one, at the time, protecting him."
FROM: Can This Suburban Mom Stop Drinking?
Published on October 07, 2004


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