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Newly divorced, Diana was a head nurse working 12-hour shifts to raise her three daughters when she received a devastating diagnosis of her own: she had leukemia. Without a bone marrow transplant, doctors said she would be dead in nine months. Diana's relatives were tested, but no one was a bone marrow match. As a last resort, doctors turned to a national registry in hopes of finding a match from an anonymous donor. It was a chance of 1 in 5 million of finding a perfect match. Meanwhile, Diana was slipping closer towards death.

Here's where David enters the story. Years ago when he was in the Navy, David had checked a box on a form agreeing to be a potential bone marrow donor. Although doctors had told Diana her donor would likely be of Puerto Rican heritage, David (of Scandinavian decent) was a perfect match! David's bone marrow saved Diana's life.

Diana wanted to thank her anonymous angel in person, but for months he declined. Eventually, he relented and they talked on the phone. When they finally met, their instant friendship turned into mutual attraction. They developed and long distance relationship and fell in love—now they're engaged!
FROM: Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Donna Hanover Reveals Her New Love
Published on January 25, 2005