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Brenda and Bart's amazing love story doesn't stop there. About a month and a half after they began their search for their long-lost son, Brenda happened to fall into a conversation with a stranger in a car dealership about her search. Fascinated, the woman asked when Brenda's son was born. Amazingly, the woman's aunt had adopted a baby boy born on the same day, at the same hospital, as Brenda's son. Soon, it was confirmed: the woman's cousin Andy was Brenda and Bart's biological son!

It was a reunion 27 years in the making and the resemblance between the three was undeniable. Brenda and Bart, already engaged, felt their dreams had been answered, but there was another precious surprise on the way. A month after reuniting with Andy, Brenda found out she was pregnant!

Andy was there to welcome his baby sister in to the world and even picked out her name—Madisyn.
FROM: Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Donna Hanover Reveals Her New Love
Published on January 25, 2005