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Pregnant at 16. A forced adoption. High school sweethearts pulled apart by the unbearable pain of giving up their son…who could imagine that this heartbreaking situation would turn into a miraculous testament to the power of love?

Brenda and Bart were young, crazy about each other, and secretly engaged when Brenda became pregnant. They wanted to marry, but her parents insisted that she put the baby up for adoption. The loss of their son drove a wedge between the young couple and Brenda and Bart slowly drifted apart. Eventually they both moved on with their lives, married other people and had other children. They lost touch, but Bart never lost hope. He always carried in his wallet a picture of his newborn baby boy.

Twenty-six years after breaking up, Bart decided to search for Brenda online through Classmates.com. Within an hour of receiving his e-mail, Brenda and Bart were chatting on the phone like teenagers.

Brenda and Bart discovered they were both divorced and arranged to meet. They fell in love with each other all over again… and the very next day, they began the search for their son.
FROM: Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Donna Hanover Reveals Her New Love
Published on January 25, 2005


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