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By December 2004, Terry and Jonathan's marriage was already on shaky ground. "I had planned to divorce Jonathan," Terry says. "I wanted to finish my novel [The Interruption of Everything, before filing for divorce], and he knew it. I don't think he actually believed I was actually going to [file for divorce]. For two years I had been letting him know that this is where we were headed."

One night, Terry says, she asked Jonathan where he planned to live after they split up. He asked her to postpone the divorce until after the beginning of 2005. Terry says she then confronted Jonathan. "I said, 'Why can't you just tell the truth about something?' He said, 'You probably couldn't handle the truth.' I said, 'Try me.' And that's when he said, 'I'm confused about my sexuality. I think I might be gay.' Then he stood up and said, 'I am gay.' And I said, 'Well, finally you told the truth about something...and look what it turned out to be.'"

Terry says she was absolutely shocked to hear this news. "I always thought Jonathan was not the most masculine man that I'd been with, [but] all men aren't masculine. I mean, he wasn't effeminate, not to me. There were things he did that got on my nerves—he spent more time in the mirror than I did—but he was narcissistic, and I tried not to hold that against him."
FROM: Exclusive: Author Terry McMillan Confronts Her Gay Ex-Husband
Published on November 09, 2005