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Mindy and Billy's Kitchen, After
Because Mindy and Billy's kitchen is a small space, Peter says it's essential to make the most of what they have. "The top of the fridge is a huge problem for a lot of people," he says.

To make room for the food Mindy has stashed on top of the fridge, Peter has Mindy and Billy sort through their cabinets to figure out what they don't need. Once shelves are cleared, the family has more room for food storage. "When you buy new things, you put the new items at the back of the shelf," he says. "You will never then find yourself with food items that are out of date."

If you absolutely have to store something on the fridge, make sure the items are things you use every day and are organized so that you can see what's up there. "These fantastic baskets with the handle from The Container Store mean that you can very easily grab what's on the fridge or deep in a pantry."

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Published on January 13, 2011