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Despite the momentary anxiety the experiment created for Kiley, she and Mary Ellen say they're still best friends. "The fact that it was for a moral program, plus the relief that it wasn't true and we didn't have to move forward from that negative place, overrode her being upset with me," Mary Ellen says.

Kiley says she knew right away that she was going to have to tell Mary Ellen about David's cheating, but she didn't necessarily know when or how. "But when [Mary Ellen] got there and it came down to it, I just couldn't keep it in," she says. "It was an emotional roller coaster."

Dr. Keating says that because Mary Ellen and Kiley are such close friends, Kiley felt burdened by the bad news she had to share. "In this situation, it might be useful to ask yourself which mistake you would rather make," she says. "Would you rather tell the truth and have it be painful? Or would you rather cloak the truth and perhaps undermine the intimacy you have in your friendship?"
FROM: What Would You Do?
Published on January 01, 2006


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