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After Brooke's appearance on the show, the response from women around the world was huge. Noel, a mother of two from Albuquerque, New Mexico, says that hearing Brooke's story convinced her that she also needed to seek help for her postpartum symptoms.

"It got really bad," Noel says. "There were times when not only did I consider running away but that I wanted to hurt my youngest daughter. ... There would be times when I would be doing the laundry, and I'd see her laying in the laundry basket...I wanted to put her in the dryer, and see how long the dryer would tumble before she'd stop crying."

After reading Brooke's book, Down Came the Rain, Noel says she realized that she wasn't alone in her struggle. She decided to start taking medication and seeing a therapist.

"My therapist has helped me to understand that it wasn't my fault; that I didn't ask for this," Noel says to Brooke. "It was just something that was dealt to me. And without your book...I wouldn't have had the courage to seek help."
FROM: Brooke Shields, Wynonna Judd, Steven Cojocaru: A Special Follow Up
Published on September 27, 2005


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